Friday, November 5, 2010

Simple and Easy Beauty Tips that Work

Hi guys,

Welcome to my first blog! I am going to share all the home remedies, tips, and cosmetic products that worked for me. They may not work for everyone, but I have tried hundreds of home remedies and these are the ones that worked the best. I will try to update as I find more tips and tricks and test them on myself like a guinea pig!

An easy way to whiten your teeth:
I was watching the Tyra Banks show and she mentioned that Catherine Zeta Jones whitens her teeth by rubbing strawberries on them everyday. I thought this would be bad for your teeth, but I tried it anyway and it seemed to work. That was probably my imagination though since it happened right away, but after a few weeks my teeth were definitely whiter. You should brush your teeth after doing this though so your teeth don't rot.

Bad ways to whiten your teeth:
I haven't actually tried these, but I looked up a lot of ways to whiten your teeth on the internet and found out which ones are bad for your teeth. A lot of websites suggest using lemon juice to whiten your teeth because it removes calcium from the surface, but calcium is important for your teeth and you will actually hurt them by doing this even if it might make your teeth whiter. Also, baking soda can hurt your teeth if you use it too much because it is abrasive.

Getting rid of crow's feet:
Crow's feet are awful and sometimes trying to hide them with makeup just makes them worse! I use raw egg whites and rub them around my eyes. Just use it on the sides and under your eye so it doesn't drip into your eye. You don't need a lot of the egg white so you can just do this when you're cooking eggs for breakfast anyway. It doesn't completely remove the wrinkles, but it softens the skin and keeps it moist so it's less noticeable.

My next tip is going to sound silly, but it works. I used to have really noticeable creases on my cheek where I smile, but I started doing 15 minutes of funny faces everyday and they are much less noticeable now. It's hard to sit there and make funny faces for 15 minutes straight so I do it everyday on the treadmill. Running is already not very much fun so making exaggerated faces distracts me and kills two birds with one stone!

My best friend swears by this next trick, but I have never myself tried it. She has great skin though so I will not question her techniques. It's just a little too fancy for my tastes.

Blend 2 apricots (without the seeds), lime juice, 2 tbsp honey, and milk. Apply on the wrinkly areas and let it sit for half an hour. After that you rinse and you apparently feel the difference right away! Like I said though, I haven't tried this myself.

The best dark circle under eye cream:
I say Hydrolyze is the best even though it's really the only one I've tried, but it works! I was skeptical about their free trial and their website looks pretty gimmicky, but my friend kept pressuring me to try it and wouldn't let me try hers (she's weird like that). I got it in the mail pretty quick and started using it twice a day. It really helped the darkness I used to have under my eyes. I'm the type of person who doesn't buy all those scientific explanations that we're just supposed to believe, so it took a friend's recommendation to convince me. Hopefully my recommendation will help someone else. Anyway, I fully support this product.

You can get a free trial here and on the bottom of each container there's a money back guarantee sticker so if it doesn't work for you I guess you can send it back in. I have never tried that though.

An easy trick to losing weight:
I'm not going to talk about the obvious eating well and exercising regularly. I'm just going to tell you a little tip I learned not too long ago. This one may not be as noticeable as the other tricks because it is more long term, but I have a nutritionist friend and also know a gym teacher who both say this works over time. The trick is drinking ice water regularly. Not only does it keep you hydrated which makes your organs function at peak levels, but your body actually burns calories to maintain the temperature. You'll burn calories doing nothing! Drinking lots of water in general is good for losing weight. I didn't know that until recently.

I used to never exercise and I thought it was so hard to start until I got a treadmill. I know that sounds ridiculous because treadmills are so boring, but the important part about the treadmill is the little thingy that counts your miles. When I started, I was really out of shape and somewhat overweight. I would get tired after even .10 of a mile, but that was the beauty of it! The next day I did .15, and the day after that .20, etc. and it made it really easy for me to eventually end up running the 4 miles I run daily now.

Anyway, I hope I will help at least one person with tips that I've picked up. I will try to update this whenever I find new tips. This is my first blog so I hope it wasn't too bad. Thanks for reading!

~ Nep